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At Koncept Garage, we believe teamwork, quality and communication are key. We love what we do. Watch this fun video to see who will be transforming your home!

Our story

How We Got Started

“Amazing Garages”

Back in 2015, Rich Wiley founded Garages Organized in Austin, TX as a part-time business to earn extra income between his union construction jobs. In 2019, Jeff Julia met Rich through a mutual friend. At the time, Jeff had just closed down a consulting company and was looking to help small business owners (pro bono) as a means to building his marketing portfolio so he could get a full-time job in the highly-competitive niche of product marketing. 

As new clients started flowing in and demand for their garage organization services grew, Jeff was quickly needed to complete the jobs as well and immediately saw how rewarding the work was (albeit hard). With an engineering degree and a background construction management, Jeff became passionate about the business and solving the complex problem of garage organization.

In March 2020, after the COVID-19 pandemic hit, Rich stepped away from the business and turned over operations to Jeff. Too late to change directions, and an economic implosion overwhelming the country, Jeff saw only one path out – forward.

Leveraging the progress Garages Organized had made, Jeff started building on what Rich had started but under a new name, Koncept Garage. The idea at the time was that every client wanted a unique solution, a concept they had in mind. Every “quote” appointment began by the homeowner saying, “Here’s what I’m thinking…”.

The first 90 days were silent as Jeff established the new business from scratch. By May, new jobs began trickling in again. Using every opportunity as a chance to improve, and continually updating every part of the experience, by November 2020, an entirely new business model had evolved. One that truly solved the complex problem of garage organization better and faster than anybody else could. 

In January of 2021, Jeff began calling clients (now 6+ months post- cleanout) to offer them a discounted rate on the new Stay Organized services. He struck out. Every garage was still organized. Every client was still amazed. The 12-month Organization Guarantee was born and the Stay Organized program rollout was paused.

Without the blind faith in Koncept’s Garage vision by the first industry partners, the trust of those early clients and the dedication of the first few team members in 2020, Koncept Garage would be on a much different trajectory.

Looking forward, Koncept Garage is determined to permanently solve the garage organization problem through a blend of premium products and services. Our intent is to eliminate the 5 Common Causes of Problematic Garages and eradicate the DIA Loop forever.

Our team of professional garage organizers leverage 10 design principles to create a space that looks amazing, functions for the whole family and remains organized for years to come. 

Join the growing list of homeowners who said “yes” to a garage that connects them to their lives. 


Jeff Julia

Founder & Manager, Koncept Garage  

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client THANK YOU!

Thank you for trusting us with your garage!

Clients come first at Koncept Garage. Without you, we wouldn’t be able to help as many families as we are. Here’s a short thank you video, to extend our gratitude.

Our Team

Our Committed Team

Team member photo of Jeff, standing in front of Koncept Garage van.
Jeff Julia
Founder & CEO

Jeff is the only garage organizer we know with an award-winning book and an engineering degree from a Top 50 School (Northeastern University). He sets a high standard and expects 5-star results on every job. “Amazing garages” is his mantra and he holds the team accountable to that expectation.

Team member photo of Carrie, standing in front of Koncept Garage van.
Carrie Maher
Strategy & Concierge Director

Carrie is the brains behind our business strategy and concierge services.

Her favorite part of this work is working with compassionate and skilled people, and delighting our clients with less stress & more space!

On her days off, she enjoys hanging with her son, husband and two Bernese Mountain dogs.

Team member photo of Robert, standing in front of Koncept Garage van.
Robert Humphries
Project Lead & Craftsman

Robert lives for the initial reaction. An optimist with a “sky is the limit” attitude, he’s been with us from Day 1. He has a knack for getting the job done and prides himself in finding ways to go above and beyond for every client. He brings an unmatched level of care, passion and consistency to every job.

Team member photo of Mark, standing in front of Koncept Garage van.
Mark Bowers
Accountant & Video Producer

His favorite part of this work is being able to cross two completely different job functions – uncommon, yet equally enjoyable in his case. The role utilizes left brain functioning such as analytics and logic, while the other allows him to explore things more creatively and with less restriction.

On his days off, he enjoys tackling DIY projects around the house, spending time improving his photography, and traveling as often as possible.

Team member photo of Shawntel, standing in front of Koncept Garage van.
Project Lead & Professional Organizer

Shawntel is our lead organizer. She’s also the one we look to for all of the answers and the sweetest dance moves.

Her favorite part of this work is creating functional spaces custom to each family’s needs.

On her days off, she enjoys crochet, crafts, and DIY projects 🙂

Team member photo of Heather, standing in front of Koncept Garage van.
Professional Organizer & Social Media Manager

Heather is also a lead organizer and the one handling our social media profiles. All the amazing photos and videos you see on Instagram, thank her (and please follow us)!

Her favorite part of this work is getting to know each family, experiencing the impact she has on their lives and completing in-home projects.

On her days off, she enjoys traveling and spending time outdoors.



Under 1 hour investment of our clients’ time

Daily texts with ETA’s, progress photos & end of day updates sent by our team (not by a software), we flex our work around yours (Do Not Disturb times)

10 proprietary principles to ensure your garage functions for your life, remains organized and looks amazing!

Kickoffs, inspections, communications all handled by us

No lifting required. Clothes, paperwork & keepsakes aside, we sort it all for you

Our team knows work quality and client satisfaction comes first. Expect the attic to be swept out, the windows to be wiped down and for every service to include the highest quality (not the cheapest) products. From cabinet manufacturers to our storage bins, we’re built on quality.


In-home Testimonial - Rushmi

Pemberton, Austin, TX

If you are considering this type of work in your home, don’t perseverate any longer, contact them now!
Garage Renovation Testimonial - Kari & Will

Barton Creek, Austin, TX

They take the time to listen to what you want and come up with a design that fits your vision. And when they get to work, they do it with precision and care.
Garage Renovation Testimonial - Andrea & Robert

Tarrytown, Austin, TX

Jeff and his squad at Koncept Garage are the Michelangelos of the garage world!
Garage Renovation Testimonial - Brad & Apollina

Driftwood, TX

Koncept garage has been fantastic. My wife found and hired them as a gift, it was something that I didn’t think I’d do on my own. The team was so great!
Garage Conversion Testimonial - Olivia

Anderson Mill, Austin, TX

They work to a really high standard, show incredible attention to details and it shows in the final result.
In-Home Testimonial - Courtney & Michael

Austin, TX

Working with Koncept Garage was awesome! Everyone we worked with was top notch.
In-home Testimonial - Jamie

Tarrytown, Austin, TX

The Koncept team delivered! I’d do it all again!
In-Home Testimonial - Katie

Circle C, Austin, TX

It was easy, I didn’t have to think about a thing.
Garage Cleanout Testimonial - Jennifer Bird

Austin, TX

No one ever showed up at my house or left without us knowing when and why and what to expect next.
Garage Conversion Testimonial - Keith & Lisa

Barton Hills, Austin, TX

They arrived when they said they would, kept to budget, cleaned up after themselves.
Garage Cleanout Testimonial - Steven Hunt

Round Rock, TX

I had a high standard set when I contacted Jeff and team. After we met, they raised my expectations. When they completed the job, it exceeded my expectations.

Charitable Partners

Rebuilding Austin Together

Rebuilding Together Austin provides free home repairs for low-income, disabled, and veteran homeowners. In addition to volunteering time and financial support, when they purchased a new storage trailer to haul their supplies, we crafted a design and helped them transform it into a customized mobile workshop on wheels!

Charitable Partners

Center for Child Protection

The Center for Child Protection is a nationally accredited children’s advocacy center and the only non-profit in Travis County involved in the investigation of crimes against children. For more than 30 years, the Center has been the first stop for children in Travis County who are suspected victims of sexual abuse, physical abuse and for children who have witnessed a violent crime.

center for child protection

Charitable Partners

Sonic Guild

Sonic Guild builds communities to support the creation and performance of extraordinary new music. It’s vision is to create a nationwide network of chapters providing financial and professional support to our finest local musicians that enables them to create and perform new music. Since their founding in 2013, they have distributed $5,700,000 to over 250 bands and local music businesses.

Sonic Guild Logo